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I paid a 74 dollar bill well before the due date which left a 0 balance. As it turned out rhymes had posted the payment to another account.

They called and try to collect again repeatedly. I asked them to find the missing payment repeatedly. We even sent them a copy of the check was was indesputably casjed by them. For weeks they continued to disregard the ckeck copy we sent them.

They never attempted to find the mistake on thier end and continued to attempt to collect an additional 74 dollars. With each phone call getting progresivly nastier. So ultimately I figured the owner might be more reasonable and able to direct his employees to look at the check we sent and find the missing payment. So i called him.

And to my astonishment he said verbatem "if you wernt such a deadbeat and just paid your bill there wouldnt be any problems." I explained again that the bill is paid, it should reflect a zero balance, then need to find thier mistake.. i also informed him that as a collection specialist i can tell him he just broke a few laws in this coversation and he should be more diplomatic with such matters. He then screams "Are you threatening me!! You want to go to court do you!!!!

I will ruin you financially!!!"" He said wow you need to get your ego in check this isnt how business is done. And I hung up. I still have this recorded phone call as it was a business line and he was aware that he was being recorded.

(I suspect he forgot) 3 days later the office called, they found the payment, they corrected the balance to reflect zero, and we walked away from that insanity... cray cray

Product or Service Mentioned: Rymes Propane And Oil Customer Care.

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You were not talking to someone from Rymes. Thats for damn sure. Either that, or you exaggerated a bit much, because none of the customer service reps would speak to someone like that from Rymes.

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