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Rymes freely admitted that they delivered 100 gals of #2 fuel oil by mistake; I did not order it. Then Rymes demanded payment. Rymes repeatedly refused my offers to pump it from my tank then initiated small claims court 2 hours from my home. Judge heard that Rymes never contacted me (I initiated all contact), refused to take back their oil, were unprofessional and underhanded. Rymes' rebuttal was only the 'unjust enrichment' law. Rymes'...
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I liked
  • Driver
I didn't like
  • Management
  • Culture of dishonesty
  • Collections practices
We ordered our oil tank to be filled and charge on delivery. Charged 400 on Thursday but our tank is still empty. Called to confirm the delivery, they said we hadnt checked our tank properly and that our gage mustn't be working. My husband dipped the tank. Sure enough it is empty. I dont know who they filled up, but it wasnt our tank. It is now two weeks since we ordered and no resolution. Last two nights its been very cold and we have a 7...
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I called and ordered oil last week with no issues and great service which normally is always the case. However, I then called back which happened to be "after hours" on Friday due to my husband letting me know that he was unsure if we had enough left in the tank and to see if they could deliver on Saturday instead of Monday when they were scheduled to come. A man by the name of Mike answered when I called. First part was looking up my account...
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I didn't like
  • Very bad customer service