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I tried calling no less than 7 Rymes offices to place a request to fill my tank. All recordings said "you have reached a non working number".

We had about 1/8 tank and several small electric fireplace/logs & portable electric radiators to get us through, so the situation was far from dire. We would be rationing the remaining oil for just hot water. I emailed Rymes and registered my concern and complain early that day. At 6:30 PM I receive a reply saying that they regretted the situation, apologized for taking so long to get back to me, but due to the backlog and high demand they wouldn't be able to get to me until the week of January 22.

The reason was that they have to service their "will call" customers first. Since we have been a faithful customer, having bought oi only from them and earlier Fred Fuller, never missed a cycle , and even went "contract" several seasons, that apparently never factored into their decision to leave us high and dry for nearly three weeks. Bear in mind they had no idea we had a limited backup. Apparently with Rymes loyalty only goes one way.

After placing a call with another supplier we received a fill up within 1 1/2 days. Rymes, I don't know how many customers you may have lost and don't care to know, but for an organization which has been around for so long, you obviously blew this one big time. Winter in New England can be harsh and not having heating oil can be a matter of survival. Did you ever consider that when blowing people off for up to three weeks.

Glad to call myself an ex customer. Oh and by the way, did you ever think of picking up the phone and calling your customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rymes Propane And Oil Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Can't get a hold of them...oil is just about out. And our furnace keeps shutting off even though Rymes supposedly just serviced it a month ago.

On top of all that, they keep sending me a bill for $33.

saying that's the portion of the service visit I still owe even though I paid in full over the phone as soon as the service guy left! This company is horrible...stay away

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