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First off they put you on hold forever.second they dont get back to you in timely manner.not listening to the customer and mgr is never available.how are you able to stay in business like that.and when on hold add says available 24/7.hows that work when they dont get back to you

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You are so right the Service manager is never available to speak to you on the phone. He even dropped a part off at my house to a tech (I did not know it was him) he never even came in side to introduce him self or apologize for not calling back!

On the 26th they told me my heater is no good and needs to be replaced, this is after doing a repair on the 20th. the service manager has not been available so I went above him, surprise his boss is not available either. So here it is the 28th and they don't seem to care that I have no heat! the tech said they would write up a proposal and get back to me.

I't winter and I would like to be warm! The only good thing I can say at this time is they do get Tech's out pretty fast.

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