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John in Berwick, ME, 09/22/2018

Rymes propane (60 gallons) was mistakenly delivered to my home in Berwick, ME

Driver admitted mistake. I was told by him to wait for contact from Rymes.

Contact came very quickly from Rymes in the form of an unrequested account number set up by Rymes requesting payment for the propane.

I immediately contacted Rymes seeking a fairer settlement. Their response was that they would set up an easy monthly payment schedule for me. I responded saying, "OK, if that is the best you can offer then I will pay you nothing."

They reported me to the Credit Bureau and my otherwise stellar credit rating (800++) has taken a points deduction.

I am currently trying for a better resolution with the Attorney Generals' Office in Maine. Wish me luck!. At least they seem more help and


Rymes is combative, belligerent and assumes no culpability in this matter. They would like me to quit my griping and just pay up.

Reason of review: unrequested delivery of propane.

Preferred solution: make the driver pay for the unrequested delivery of propane. His delivery instructions were quie clear. The propane was supposed to go to my neighbor across the street..

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Get a free consult with an attorney to see what your options are. You really don't want to be doing this on your own without legal advice---your credit has been affected and thus you have recourse to seek damages.

Pursue it, but with help and make them pay.

You didn't order the propane and thus, they shouldn't charge you for it nor harm you in any way. Good luck.

to h.kitchener #1628995

Good luck. The company has a history of dishonest businesss practice of charging for unwanted deliveries.

You are not the first and I suspect you won’t be the last. I regrettably paid after getting no relief from the NH AG’s Office. I suggest you have the Maine AG check in with the NH. I was shocked and dismayed when the owner answered the complaint.

He contradicted his managers admission of wrong doing and doubled down to collect on a delivery made in error. Eventually it will catch up to him! I found the employees and management were honest about the mistake, I did not find the owner to be fair or honest about his review of the situation. Unfortunately right from wrong isn’t enough for some.

My observation was he has been through this before and knows you have more to loose. I bailed before their non sense could effect my credit.

Maybe when the AG’s offices get enough complaints they will see a need to act! Keep notes!

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