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    • Fact it is family owned 3
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    • No follow up from customer service 5
    • Way i felt blown off by the ossipee branch 4
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They advertise one price with a giant led sign, then when they deliver they tell you they got the oil from a different town so they charge you more. Add comment

I've switched to rhymes oil because their prices are fair and delivery is fast and easy. I call They deliver I pay cash. Done. It's fast simple and uncomplicated. To be honest I'm surprised to see so much negative feed back. Hope you get better results. I have to enter ar least 100 words to post this review so read no further unless your bored to death. This is strictly killing words. I'm used to the KISS method. Keep. It. Simple.... Read more

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They covered 50% of the balance in question. They sort of apologized. I had to get oil from a separate company because they did not give me heads up that their delivery was going to be late and done on Monday instead of Friday. They had not communicated in the past that they would deny delivery, so I was coming from a historical record of no delivery so what could I do. So I may now have an issue with my contract as it has been a light... Read more

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I called in Sep or Oct for a routine furnace cleaning and was told they couldn't come til January, which I thought seemed a bit long. When the guy finally came it took twice as long as it should have (normally takes them an hour and costs about $130-150). The tech was very condescending, even trying to tell me how to change the batteries in my thermostat. (I installed them myself, I think I can figure out how to change the batteries,... Read more

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Ran out of oil three times on auto delivery Add comment

Stay away from this company there management and communication is a mess and thus customer service is horrible. On a positive note I thought there on site service and delivery team are great. Here is my story. I came over from Fred Fuller when Rymes took over, and at the beginning of each winter season, I sign up for the season and sign a contract. Before the season starts we top off. So I called to do so, and they said you cant do that... Read more

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I ordered 150 gals of heating oil on 1o feb it was paid for I have called 286-4318 4 times about the delivery, i am down to almost empty and started on just below 1/4 of a tank on the day i called for it. they keep saying its coming turned down my thermostat to try and save on fuel, i am single 72 yrs old , again here it is 6 pm and nothing . Whart is up setting about it i live 2 houses down from your office in Northfield, i see... Read more

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We were loyal Fred Fuller Customers since we bought our house. When Rymes took over they merged our accounts and refused to honor our Contract with Fred Fuller. Additionally, as it is there tank, no one else will fill it, and Rymes is currently charging $.60 more per gallon on propane than anyone else. When I asked about removing the tank they informed me there is now a $100 charge. Additionally apparently they offer $.20 off a gallon of oil if... Read more

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Not reliable.Not organized.Poor management.Constant run outs. Dispatch chaos.High employee turn over. Low employee moral. Lack of safety training. Poorly maintained trucks and equipment. Even worse customer service phone personnel. They pay the worst wages in the industry that's why customers get what they get from these scumbags. Management will out right lie to your face, about health coverage, wages, equipment repair, and safety. A true... Read more

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Very poor customer service. At office level. Never had a problem with their drivers. Household had been with company for years. 85$Fee they wanted to charge for delivery not on a Monday when I had a delivery less than a month ago from them. I woke with no heat on a Friday. I called as early as I could . I'm pregnant with two kids. You think they would help a family out specially when I prepaid so they already have my money. Read more

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